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Success Stories

Success Stories

Cindy's Story
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Cindy's Story

Coach:  What brought you to need the help of Aspire Wellness?

Cindi: I have fought being overweight my entire life.  Events or holidays would derail my efforts and I couldn’t restart once I lost my momentum.   My weight was getting higher and reached an ALL time high!  I thought, “What are you doing to yourself?”  I knew I needed help!

My friends were talking about one of their daughters who had been quite successful on this program.  When I got home that day, my friend called me up and said, “You have 15 minutes to decide.  I am coming to get you and we are joining Ideal Protein.  I will pay your joining fee; I want to do this together!”  I said I would come and listen, and then decide!  I dug around for my money stashes and came up with 2/3 of the cost (rolled quarters, gift cards, cash :)), joined and came home.  My husband was already home and I said, “I’m going to come clean and tell you what I just did because we are always honest with each other.”  He patiently waited as I was getting teary.  After I told him, he said, “That’s great, I’ve been worried about you.  But you pay your friend back, she’s not paying a dime.”  He has been so supportive!

So I joined with two friends and they have been so key in keeping things going and interesting!  We have all been successful!!  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

A couple things that have helped me along the way:
* I have kept my food journal every day except 2 (we were camping) and I have 7 completed journals.
* I have always drank a lot of water.  I usually drink 120 oz a day.
* I have been religious with my supplements!  And used the BCAA on days that I swim.
* I have swum 3X a week unless out of town.
* I pack my food for the day and prepare ahead for what I need. This has helped me with traveling (which I do a lot!).

Coach: What, if any hesitations did you have before you came in?  Was there anything you were worried about?

Cindi: I worried about the cost the most, then I was also concerned that I wouldn’t follow through (like other times trying to lose weight).  But – I decided it is a pay ahead health insurance policy.  I have gone from 77 years old metabolically to 49 years old!  So worth the cost!!

Coach: What was it like working with your coach?

Cindi: Jill has been an absolute perfect match for me.  She is firm and direct.  The program does not need reinventing and trying to do so will cost you time and money.  Jill has great advice; she has been 100% supportive and an awesome cheerleader all these months.  I love Jill!  I have also worked with Holly, who is awesome, and Pauline, who is so generous and kind!

Coach: Would you recommend Aspire Wellness to others?  Why?

Cindi: Yes!  The program is perfect.  The science is there.  If you trust it, you will succeed.  Everyone who works here must have had to pass a kindness test!  It is such a positive environment!

Coach: Have you reduced or lowered medications?

Cindi: I only take a small amount of anti-inflammatory and have cut that in half.  I’m sure this will be eliminated all together soon.  My cholesterol has gone down.  My doctor is extremely pleased.

Coach: Have you improved activities in your daily life?

Cindi: Yes, I have had 8 surgeries.  Each knee replaced 3 times.  I have used crutches for 3 1/2 years and then transitioned to a cane for the last year.  I no longer use a cane!  Just my brace.  I can hike with trekking poles and keep up with my family.

Coach: Have you added things into your life now you wouldn’t have prior to weight loss?

Cindi: Yes, I have gone swimming with my grandchildren.  I had never swum with my children!  I have played tennis – doing great (just can’t run for the extreme due to my knee).

Coach: Has your energy increased or mood improved?

Cindi: Yes, I do have a lot more energy and my moods are more positive due to improved self-esteem.

Coach: Have your sugar/salty/junk food carvings been eliminated or reduced?

Cindi: Yes, throughout this whole journey, I have not experienced any cravings!  And I have traveled all over, including Sweden and Germany!

Coach: Has your self-image changed or improved (how)?

Cindi: I am much more confident.  Not worrying if I will embarrass anyone with my appearance (my own issue).

Coach: Are you able to do anything now that you couldn’t prior to Aspire Wellness?

Cindi: Yes, I feel like I am gliding along as I walk, not dragging when I travel, and I don’t need wheelchair assistance!  I went sailing, could get on the boat with no issues!

Coach: Do you wear a smaller size of clothing now?

Cindi: Yes, pants are especially noticeable – size 20 to 8.  Tops 1X or 2X to mediums and smalls!

Extra note from Cindi:  No one (except a couple of people) made any comment or noticed that I was losing weight.  Don’t let that get you down.  I had lost 70 lb before someone I work closely with said, “Wow, have you lost some weight?”  She would notice my hair cut or cute top but never connected… weight loss.  I had to make sure I was doing this for ME.  I didn’t let it bother me that no one noticed.  It was about how did I feel?  I was getting more active and had more energy.  Clothes getting smaller… fit in my airplane seat better.  It is a lot easier for me to help my 92-year-old mother-in-law.  I can get her a cart without hurting.  I realized people liked me for me…not what I looked like.  Besides, I came to my weekly coaching appointments and got lots of positive words!

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