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Our Protocol

Our Protocol

We proudly offer the international weight loss plan, Ideal Protein.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Our Weight Loss Protocol (Phase 1):

Science based, medically developed and endorsed.

Nutritional ketosis with adequate protein and reduced carbs and fats to trigger your body to predictably burn its fat stores for fuel.

Includes 3 exceptionally tasting IP protein replacement meals per day of the highest quality available and necessary Cal-Mag, Potassium, Multi-Vitamin and Omega supplements.

Over 60 protein foods to choose from that have been shown to lower inflammation.

Weekly one-on-one coaching and ongoing education by a certified Ideal Protein Health Coach.

Daily, phase-specific educational videos designed to inspire your weight loss journey.

Exclusive access to a series of cooking and fitness videos.

Supervision of your progress on the program by a licensed healthcare provider.

Monthly faxed outcome progress reports to your primary care provider (PCP), as needed or client-approved.

Access to a proprietary web portal with an abundance of tools and educational guidance to support your journey in both weight loss & weight maintenance.

Complete body composition analysis with weekly printed progress reports.

Monthly Aspire Wellness educational workshops.