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Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Your challenge: A Targeted Outcomes Approach

In a new Quality Payment Program (MIPS/APM) environment, measurable, comprehensive patient care and sustainable achievements in patient health outcomes are necessary requirements.  We realize that a patient’s diet plays a critical role in their overall health status.  Many chronic conditions, such as Type II diabetes, can oftentimes be addressed through dietary interventions to help control blood glucose and help positively impact a patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI).  It is equally important that the patient maintains those behaviors and outcomes long term.

As a clinic that offers Ideal Protein, we would like to extend our service as an option for your patients who are in need of an effective, proven & comprehensive weight management solution.

Ideal Protein as a Solution

The Ideal Protein Protocol is medically designed and developed and is consistent with evidence-based guidelines for weight loss management and maintenance.  The Protocol imbalances the patient’s diet during weight loss and transitions the patient to a balanced diet long term, promoting behavior change and exercise throughout.

  • One-on-on in-person weekly coaching
  • Partial meal replacement protocol
  • Low carbohydrate, normal protein ketogenic diet
  • Overseen by healthcare professional
  • Robust patient support tools & education
  • Focus on long-term sustainable outcomes

Benefits to your practice

  • Quality payment program (MIPS/APM) measurable improvements
  • Patient overall healthcare spend reduction (ACO’s)
  • Advancing Triple Aim Objectives
  • Non-Intrusive way to address a patient or client’s weight
  • Low operational requirement for staff
  • Generates additional office visits

Outcomes are: Repeatable – Predictable – Measurable

BMI reduction through glucose control is all we do.  Patient care will remain with you.  We provide your office with HIPAA weekly progress reports for your patients’ weight loss and send patients back to you for medication titration and regular prescriber monitoring as needed.

Please contact us and we are happy to provide Case Studies, BMI Self-Screening Tools or brochures.  We would consider an honor to work together to create a healthier community of patients for your clinic.